BSIAB2 sound sample

Sound sample of BSIAB 2

Bridge ham -> AC Booster -> BSIAB 2 -> RC Booster -> Line6 Pod xt

Setting (clock)

AC Booster : gain 9, level 12, treble 3, bass 9
BSIAB 2 : gain 12, tone 12, level 10
RC Booster : gain 8, level 10, treble 12, bass 3
Pod xt : amp JC-120, drive 9, bass 11, mid 3, treble 1, presence 3

As you seee, pod xt simulates solidsolid state amplifier with low gain.
This means almost all the distortion sound comes from BSIAB 2 pedal.

Sample sound starts with clean tone without any stomp boxes and changed to with all pedals.

Hope this sample helps.

As in the case with the most good distortion pedals, BSIAB 2 also generates great and creamy sound when it is pluged to Tube amplifier.

I love the sound of BSIAB 2 connected to my Fender super champ through Echoplex preamp which I made myself.

I also wanted to record that but Echopex between BSIAB 2 and pod XT generates dirty clipp noise so I gave up.

Another BSIAB2 sample

This sample is from bridge ham -> Pearl Overdrive OD-1 -> BSIAB2 -> RC booster -> pod XT.
Pod xt is set to JC-120 , the same with above.
Basic idea is using Pearl Overdrive as parametric equalizer and volume filter. More gains at BSIAB adds nice bite but I do not want too much distortion then I set Pearl with drive 0, volume 1 (seen in panel, not clock). With this BSIAB2's gain can be set to 3 o'clock with affordable amount of distortion. I also boost around 1K with Pearl for warmer tone.

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